Social Aims

The Borders Green Team Enterprises provides employment and training for adults with learning disabilities in the Scottish Borders. We were established in 2006 as a social enterprise: a trading business which has social and/or environmental benefit as its primary objective and uses its assets and profit for the benefit of the community.

We currently provide around 35 training and volunteering placements per week. We have two grass cutting squads and another squad learning woodworking skills. This provides trainees with the experience of preparing for work and helps them develop social skills and friendships.

Trainees are encouraged to work towards a recognised qualification and each has an individual personal action plan which includes regular reviews of progress. The overall aim is to provide each trainee with a worthwhile experience which will enhance not only their ability to access further training or employment but also increase their integration into their local communities.

Our particular aims are to:

  • give people with learning difficulties opportunities to contribute to society and the economy by creating routes for transition from day care services and schools
  • provide people with learning disabilities with meaningful activity, ownership and purpose in moving towards employment
  • build relationships between those with learning disabilities and communities in the Scottish Borders, to address stigma, develop openness and demonstrate the value brought to communities by people with disabilities
  • develop transitions from day services, schools and local authority care to employment and supported employment for people with learning difficulties
  • use a workplace environment to provide vocational skills, social skills and other soft skills for people with learning difficulties
  • develop links with local and national employers to provide routes from the company into supported and independent work
  • use the delivery of garden services to build links with Border communities in order to promote openness, positive attitudes and relationships between communities and people with learning difficulties.